Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pona's 2nd Birthday

Little Pona had his 2nd birthday on Nov. 7th. He had so much fun. We went to chucky cheese, which he LOVED! Then on Sunday, we had spare ribs because they are his ultimate favorite food. Then his Toy Story Cake and presents. He loves toy story so much. He wants to watch it every day. It's on our play station, so every day, he turns the TV on and hands us the play station remote. He watched it on his bday and held his balloons the whole movie. Gma and Gpa Durtschi came and Gpa Pona too. He got a big boy bed from Durtschi grandparents. It's the one my dad made for us when we were little. Now, it's little Pona's and he loves it. It's so cute. Anyway, I'm so tired. I hope this is grammatically correct for how tired I am. Cheerio! Oh and Lish, there are some pregnant pictures just for you! Love you