Sunday, October 31, 2010


Pona was a lion for Halloween because my friend at school lent it to us. Also because he loves growling. Thank you Natalie. Someday I may be a cute mom who makes super creative costumes, until then I will not be that cute mom.
We didn't take him trick or treating last year because he didn't like candy last year and I don't like candy either, so who's gonna eat it? He loves candy this year.
Then that night, we went to the ward party. There were lots of games and an insane amount of desserts. I planned it with the other ward and it was a lot of fun. It was pouring rain though, so we didn't actually trunk or treat, we trick or treated up and down the halls. He got so much candy. We thought we'd go through a lot of hot chocolate with the cold weather, but since we were stuck in the super full hot church, we ended up dumping about 12 gallons of hot chocolate. What a shame.
First, we walked down to main street because every year all the shops on main street hand out candy. It's quite cute how everyone's out on main street together. Here he is with his loot. He loved it, but was getting tired.
I was an ostrich rider at school for Halloween. Fred, my ostrich is covering my belly, so you can't see how huge my 6 month pregnant belly is, but it's HUGE. ( In case you didn't know, I'm due with another boy Feb. 1st) I'd love to post my class pictures, but I don't want to get sued or something crazy. So, you can just know that they were adorable.


Sharon said...

What a fun Halloween and CONGRATULATIONS! How very fun! Also, seeing the cabinets of your classroom in the background fills my head with all kinds of memories! :)

Our Favorite Recipies said...

YOU are so, super adorable! Pona is such a handsome little lion. Looks like a fun day. I still miss seeing you everyday!! Keep PARK rockin' for me! LOL!

Regan said...

Thank you thank you thank you for updating the blog!!!! I can't even believe how big Pona has gotten, it kills me! Such a cute little boy, just love him! Miss you guys and the little lion!!!

Farfán Family said...

Thanks for your post. I've been wondering about you. You look great, by the way. Ok, so how are you going to do teaching and having a baby in February? Long term sub? Are you going back to work after a few months? I'm just interested in what others do, that are in your situation.
Miss you much!

Alisha said...

Yeah, ostrich costume!! I'd love to see a belly picture. I think that huge 6 months bellies are the best. In fact, I recommend them. You get the most out of your pregnancy experience.

Pona looks so cute too. Little growler.