Monday, March 8, 2010

Hey everybody. Our camera's battery has been dead for a couple months now. So, no pictures. This happened a couple weeks ago and it made me laugh so loud. Mato (big Pona, his middle name) was sleeping on the floor in the living room. Whenever he's sleeping little Pona tries to wake him up. So, Pona was poking and pushing and yelling at his dad. Mato didn't budge. So then, Pona climbs onto his face and straddles it. As soon as he's situated he lets a nice big juicy fart go. Then he gets off and walks away. Funny, I think so. It was HILARIOUS! It looked like Pona was mad at dad and was punishing him. The really funny part is that Mato never woke up through the whole thing.

Today something funny happened in kindergarten. I have the cutest big Tongan boy in class. He's Sione (see-oh-nay). Very lovable and sweet and also a huge liar. He's always lying about the stupidest things. Well, Peyton came out of music class to tell me that his leg was hurting so bad he needed to go home. I asked him if he could be tough for the last 20 minutes of school. He said he could, but looked pretty stressed out. When the class was walking out of music, Peyton proudly announced that he knew what to do. Sione's dad was a doctor and Sione said he would take care of his leg. At that moment I couldn't stand the lying anymore. I told Sione to STOP LYING AND TELL PEYTON THE TRUTH! So he did. Then I said, goodness gracious. You've got to stop lying. Then Macks says, Sione promised Cassidy he'd give her a puppy. Then someone else said he also promised them a puppy. It was just so funny. I wonder how many kids he lies to everyday? Love my kindergarteners.