Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's been a while! Well we went to Florida for an early Christmas and had a wonderful time. I love the ocean so so much. I didn't even hardly care that it rained the whole time. It was beautiful. I met my newest little neice, Ellie May. We went to a pier where lil Pona almost got poked by a pellican (well, I think it's a pellican). We had a fun little pool in the backyard. That was fun. Pona played on the beach for his first time. It was cold and the water was colder, but he seemed to like it. He loved the waves. He also seems to really like his cousin Lucy. They're the closest in age. She's nice to him, but sometimes they fight and it's quite funny. 'Ema and Leone came for a little visit earlier too. 'Ema and Pona looked so cute in their matching jammies. And Pona loved to copy Leone who was taking apart a TV table. He worked on his stool as long as Leone worked on the table. He kept checking behind him to see if his uncle was still working. He loves tools. Guess he gets that from his dad and gpa Durtschi. We went to Arizona for real Christmas and had a great time, but forgot the camera. Then I went to my gma Rose's funeral in Canada. It was such a nice funeral. Gma's a good lady. It was a great holiday season!