Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pona's 2nd Birthday

Little Pona had his 2nd birthday on Nov. 7th. He had so much fun. We went to chucky cheese, which he LOVED! Then on Sunday, we had spare ribs because they are his ultimate favorite food. Then his Toy Story Cake and presents. He loves toy story so much. He wants to watch it every day. It's on our play station, so every day, he turns the TV on and hands us the play station remote. He watched it on his bday and held his balloons the whole movie. Gma and Gpa Durtschi came and Gpa Pona too. He got a big boy bed from Durtschi grandparents. It's the one my dad made for us when we were little. Now, it's little Pona's and he loves it. It's so cute. Anyway, I'm so tired. I hope this is grammatically correct for how tired I am. Cheerio! Oh and Lish, there are some pregnant pictures just for you! Love you

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Pona was a lion for Halloween because my friend at school lent it to us. Also because he loves growling. Thank you Natalie. Someday I may be a cute mom who makes super creative costumes, until then I will not be that cute mom.
We didn't take him trick or treating last year because he didn't like candy last year and I don't like candy either, so who's gonna eat it? He loves candy this year.
Then that night, we went to the ward party. There were lots of games and an insane amount of desserts. I planned it with the other ward and it was a lot of fun. It was pouring rain though, so we didn't actually trunk or treat, we trick or treated up and down the halls. He got so much candy. We thought we'd go through a lot of hot chocolate with the cold weather, but since we were stuck in the super full hot church, we ended up dumping about 12 gallons of hot chocolate. What a shame.
First, we walked down to main street because every year all the shops on main street hand out candy. It's quite cute how everyone's out on main street together. Here he is with his loot. He loved it, but was getting tired.
I was an ostrich rider at school for Halloween. Fred, my ostrich is covering my belly, so you can't see how huge my 6 month pregnant belly is, but it's HUGE. ( In case you didn't know, I'm due with another boy Feb. 1st) I'd love to post my class pictures, but I don't want to get sued or something crazy. So, you can just know that they were adorable.

Hawaii Trip Summer 2010

Just so beautiful. We love it so much!
Complete relaxation on my favorite beach. When we stayed here for our honeymoon, I never even layed in the hammocks! How silly of me. I made sure to do it this time.
My poor flower was slowing falling apart.
Just taking a nap on the Queen's bed in the Tongan Village at the PCC. It had to be quick since I went behind the rope and sign that said - do not enter.
Some awesome tree climber at the PCC. One of Mato's friends had his family in Hawaii meet us at the front entrance and they got us the whole entire day free. Even the luau, which was delicious! It was so nice of them. Whoever they are, I am so thankful for all the money they saved us.
I love making things in the sand. This day you can see my super lovely turtle. I always build a little too close to the shore, but that's because you need the sand to be a little wet. When my little turtle was in danger of being swept away by the ocean, Mato built me a super huge protecting wall. That's usually how it goes when we play in the sand. I build and he builds the protection for my silly creations.
We got to stay in our honeymoon bungalow for the 2nd half of the week. Actually the exact same one. It was fun. There were 3 geckos in our room one night. 2 big ones and a teeny tiny one. The baby one fell in my suitcase never to be found again???

Mato snorkles for hours upon hours. He doesn't like to snorkle where there are a lot of fish though because the fish, "freak him out." Last time we were in Hawaii all these white fish surrounded him and one bit him. Ever since then he's been scared. So, one day we walk to Shark's Cove. A great snorkling spot. I anticipate we'll be there a long time that day. We get in the water and the white fish started surrounding him again. I actually watched from under water. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! They leave everyone else alone. EVERYBODY! Then he starts trying to hit them underwater because now they are darting at him. The fish still won't leave him alone??? So weird. Then, he takes off towards the shore. This was about 5 minutes into our snorkling adventure. He was done ville as I like to say. Those dang white fish ruined my morning. It was so so funny though. I don't get to see my husband scared very often.
This is our absolute all time favorite beach. It's keiki's beach. When I came to BYU Hawaii with Sara, we decided this was the beach we wanted to come on our honeymoons on. They have the cutest bungalows here. So, this is where Mato and I honeymooned and then we came back 5 years later. SO BEAUTIFUL! And so empty. Not too common for the north shore.
We took a trip to Hawaii for a week the beginning of summer 2010. We left lil Pona with gma and gpa Sitake. We had a lot of fun.
I think pineapple plants are so cool looking. Maybe just cuz I don't see them much. The field smells so yummy when they're more ripe.
This is Kumorah and Momo. We stayed at their house the 1st half of the week. They are so cute!!! We miss them and thank them for their room.
Mato had never been to Pearl Harbor, so I decided we needed to do that this trip.
Our first day on the north shore we saw 6 different sea turtles at various beaches. It was awesome. A couple of them we saw while we were just swimming and snorkling. Then, holy crap, we would see a sea turtle next to us. They are so pretty.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love kindergarten

Today my class went to a short play about how reading is great. We came back to class and we talked about reading for a minute. This little angel raised her hand and almost made me cry. Her name is Alivia and her mom has been struggling with cancer for the last 3 years. She's getting really bad. They just amputated her leg and hip on one side and just today she is having surgery in her back to remove another tumor. Things aren't looking good it seems. Little Alivia who is the sweetest little thing said that sometimes when she feels so sad about her mom she reads Book of Mormon stories and it helps her feel better. She's just so cute. And she actually can read well enough to read the stories. I just love her and my other cute kindergarteners. Sorry no pictures again!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hey everybody. Our camera's battery has been dead for a couple months now. So, no pictures. This happened a couple weeks ago and it made me laugh so loud. Mato (big Pona, his middle name) was sleeping on the floor in the living room. Whenever he's sleeping little Pona tries to wake him up. So, Pona was poking and pushing and yelling at his dad. Mato didn't budge. So then, Pona climbs onto his face and straddles it. As soon as he's situated he lets a nice big juicy fart go. Then he gets off and walks away. Funny, I think so. It was HILARIOUS! It looked like Pona was mad at dad and was punishing him. The really funny part is that Mato never woke up through the whole thing.

Today something funny happened in kindergarten. I have the cutest big Tongan boy in class. He's Sione (see-oh-nay). Very lovable and sweet and also a huge liar. He's always lying about the stupidest things. Well, Peyton came out of music class to tell me that his leg was hurting so bad he needed to go home. I asked him if he could be tough for the last 20 minutes of school. He said he could, but looked pretty stressed out. When the class was walking out of music, Peyton proudly announced that he knew what to do. Sione's dad was a doctor and Sione said he would take care of his leg. At that moment I couldn't stand the lying anymore. I told Sione to STOP LYING AND TELL PEYTON THE TRUTH! So he did. Then I said, goodness gracious. You've got to stop lying. Then Macks says, Sione promised Cassidy he'd give her a puppy. Then someone else said he also promised them a puppy. It was just so funny. I wonder how many kids he lies to everyday? Love my kindergarteners.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's been a while! Well we went to Florida for an early Christmas and had a wonderful time. I love the ocean so so much. I didn't even hardly care that it rained the whole time. It was beautiful. I met my newest little neice, Ellie May. We went to a pier where lil Pona almost got poked by a pellican (well, I think it's a pellican). We had a fun little pool in the backyard. That was fun. Pona played on the beach for his first time. It was cold and the water was colder, but he seemed to like it. He loved the waves. He also seems to really like his cousin Lucy. They're the closest in age. She's nice to him, but sometimes they fight and it's quite funny. 'Ema and Leone came for a little visit earlier too. 'Ema and Pona looked so cute in their matching jammies. And Pona loved to copy Leone who was taking apart a TV table. He worked on his stool as long as Leone worked on the table. He kept checking behind him to see if his uncle was still working. He loves tools. Guess he gets that from his dad and gpa Durtschi. We went to Arizona for real Christmas and had a great time, but forgot the camera. Then I went to my gma Rose's funeral in Canada. It was such a nice funeral. Gma's a good lady. It was a great holiday season!