Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Son!

It was Baby Pona's bday on Nov. 7th. Can't believe my little guy is 1!!! We cancelled his party because I got the stomach flu the day before his bday. I was so sad. Gma and Gpa still came up though. That was nice. We went to eat at his favorite pizza, pasta, and salad buffet, but he didn't seem to like it that much that day. Silly boy. Then we opened presents and he was too tired for cake. He had cake the next day. He didn't feed himself any of it. He just loved making a mess. I fed him a few bites and he liked it I think. Then we just threw him in the sink. That was his first time in the sink. It was pretty cute.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween. This was at our ward's trunk r treat. Baby was Annikun. I was a Stirling High School Cheerleader.
I couldn't believe it. Pona carried all of these groceries up a flight of stairs in one trip! It was amazing. I really didn't think that was possible.


Little Pona always gets in the way of everything we do. Here he is helping with the dishes, vacuuming and laundry. He usually follows the vacuum all around the house. He loves it.

baby's first byu game

Gpa Pona always comes up for the first game of the season. We also always sit with Derick and Regan. There's cute little Regan. We were so excited to take baby Pona to his first game. And then it was a horrible horrible game. We also realized it's not so fun with a busy baby. He hasn't been to another one.

Aunty Lata comes to visit a lot because she flies for free. We love having her visit. She's so so so cute. We're so sad she can't fly for free anymore. We'll miss her.
Just too attractive.


Most of the time our little boy is very cute and sweet, but sometimes he is a devil child. And usually, we love that about him. Exhibit a of the sweet little guy and directly below, exhibit b of the devil child who tries to burn our house down.
Little Pona loves hiding things. Well, we started smelling burning plastic. We quickly went to our heaters. Our house is heated with electric heaters on the bottom of the walls. We were sure he'd put something in the heater, but we couldn't find anything? So finally big p took the thing apart and found it. The little guy put a marker in the heater. That's the mangled blue thing. Since then, we have found big P's phone and and a medicine dropper in the heater. Little Pona likes to help his dad try and fix things too. Or maybe he's just trying to look cute because he was caught trying to burn our house down. This should be a fun winter!!!