Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello All!

Baby Pona is growing up. He's almost one. Can't believe it. He's been doing some really funny things lately. Pona was changing his diaper and as soon as the diaper was pulled off, baby Pona who I will refer to as P3, crawled away super quick. He stood up next to the chair and proceeded to pee while standing. What the heck?

He lately loves putting his little toys in the craziest spots. We 'll find his toys inside the kitchen garbage bag box. Under all the walmart bags in the bag drawer. Behind frames. He loves hiding his little toys and then the next day he'll go back and get them out. Pona watched P3 do it finally. He saw him pick up 2 of my hair ties. He crawled into our room, opened his little drawer and put the hair ties in the corner of the drawer. Then he closed the drawer and left. Pona watched him do it again. He grabbed a little toy crawled into the room again. Opened his drawer, but just before he put his toy in, he noticed his dad watching him. So, he closed the drawer without putting the toy in and left.

Whenever I find one of his little hidden treasures I just laugh. It is so funny where we are finding things. He actually hid Pona's keys too. Ha ha! That's not funny when you're running late. We are having so much fun with our little guy. He loves animals too. Whenever he sees dogs or cats he laughs and laughs. Sometimes he tries to bark like a dog. Well, anywho, the time I allotted myself on the internet is up.