Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random Sitake Stuff

Baby Pona is 10 months now. Hard to believe. He's almost 1. We have so much fun with him. I think big Pona plays with him more than any dad I know. It's quite cute.
College football has begun!!! We had a kick off party at our house the first night of college ball. So far, BYU is doing awesome! We love it. Go BYU!!!
Little Pona is crawling all over and getting into everything. He starting crawling a month ago. He just loves terrorizing our house. Here you see he's ripped up the Book Of Mormon and the Ensigns and dumped all the dots from the hole punch on the ground. Having so much fun. Now we have put those baby things on the door so he can't open them. So now, he pulls so hard on the door we think he's going to break the plastic thing off!
In August, all of us kids and our families went to our parents in Idaho for a week. It was great to all be togher. The little boys are taking a bath together. Cute cousins.
We all went to beautiful Jackson Hole and went camping.
Baby Pona's first family camping trip.
In Yellowstone we had a picnic and let baby Pona play in the dirt. He was having so much fun and getting so dirty. The bathroom there had a really big sink. We just stripped him down and stuck him in the sink. He looks embaressed to be naked in a national park.

Just looking so cute. Gma Donna gave him this church outfit. It's for 24 months. It fits him perfectly except for the height because he's so chubby. I just sewed the bottom of the pants up 3 inches. He's usually grumpy after church. Missing that nap is just super fun every Sunday.
My boy. I love him. Excuse my cheesy smile.