Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pow Wow

This video is for anyone who wishes to see it, but is meant mostly for Gma Donna. The boys loves to sing and drum. Since you guys haven't been here to teach him to pow wow. We're trying. He may be white in color, but Native in blood. Well, at least that's what he said after the video. It's too bad we turned the camera off right before his first sentence.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

summer time

Yet another attempt to make baby Pona eat. He finally started eating a few days ago. We are so so happy! Weird little kid? I didn't know if he'd ever eat? It took him 9 months to decide food was good. I thought I'd have to send breast milk with him to kindergarten. Thank heavens I won't.
Poor little Elisia. Pona was attacking her. She looks terrified. Hopefully they'll be friends someday. Cute cousin picture.
Me and the babe went to Tennessee to visit Lish and Paul and the kids. We went to a beautiful park called Cheekwood.