Sunday, April 12, 2009


Lately, baby Pona spits like crazy. It's pretty funny. He also loves his exersaucer from his cousin Talitha. I like when I tell him to be happy and he does, at least for a min. So, this is us chillin Easter evening. I told him he wasn't going to get anything for Easter cuz he wouldn't remember it. I think he's ok with that. Welp, he has to be!

Girlfriend already?

Sara had her little Charlie 6 weeks after we had little Pona. She was 12 lbs. at birth!!!!! But, good thing our kid is older so he can be big and strong for his girlfriend. Notice in the picture that they both look like, "Stay away from me!" But Charlie is making a sneak attack diaper grab. She looks so innocent too?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ponas sleeping

Both of my Ponas love sleeping with their hands up. I walked in the other day and they were asleep like this, but they were holding hands. It was so stinkin cute, but the camera was dead. I just love my husband and my baby so much. Just can't stand it!

Exhibit A and B of our son's obesity

Neglected Child

Pona and I were having a nice time visiting after I came home from work. We left Baby Pona in the living room to play under his toy. We decided we should stop neglecting him and when we went out this is what we saw. He looked so cute and he wasn't even complaining.

Tia's Wedding

We went to Pona's cousins wedding last weekend in Vegas. We had so much fun with his family. I always love going to his family's weddings. They are so fun! Baby Pona went to his first temple and got to meet his cousins. It was lovely!