Sunday, January 18, 2009

Future Daughers?

Perhaps our future girls might look something like this? This is what they may look like if they take after dad's side of the family.
This is what they may look like if they take after mom's side. Have to wait and see?????

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Pona's Blessing

Baby Pona on his blessing day looking very handsome. Gma Donna bought him this adorable suit. Great Gma Durtschi made this beautiful blanket. Thanks Gmas!
We love our little boy so much!
Baby Pona with both of his namesakes. He must love his Gpas. This is the only picture all day where he was smiling. Pona, Pona Mark, and Mark.
The 3 Poponatui's. Cute cute cute.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sitake Family Christmas

We Sitake's love to eat...
and eat...
and eat...
and eat...
and eat...
and eat. But for sure 'Ema is the cleanest eater.
All Christmased outl
Baby fell asleep with his hand on Gpa's mouth. It was so cute.
Every year Pona's family plays basketball on Christmas at the church. Here's the annual gaming.
Christmas Morning. Santa's little helper.
Christmas Eve. My little elf.
Bath time. Check out his double chin.
Temple Square with everybody before we left for Arizona.

Baby Pona loves his Auntie Lata.

Durtschi Family Christmas

Maggie and Brady are so cute!

Chuck E Cheese
Me and Axel sledding. The Ponas are giving us a push.

Baby Pona's first time down a sledding hill. He's all bundled in dad's sweatshirt.

Baby Brady and Angela.
Gpa and little piglet Lucy staying warm.
Tyler, Maggie, and Axel sledding.

Missionary Baby Pona. I think he looks like a total dorky missionary here. I don't even know what that face is he's doing. Cracks me up.