Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And He Sleeps

Right now our little son does a lot of sleeping. He doesn't like his hands to be tied down. He likes them to be free. If they're tight in the blanket he gets mad. It's really cute when he covers his eyes to sleep when it's bright outside. So, here's some sleeping shots.

Baby Pona is Growing!

He's getting bigger and cuter. His first couple days at home we didn't have our crib mattress yet, so he had to sleep in the laundry basket. Then our awesome friend Devri gave us her extra baby mattress. Now baby Pona can sleep in his crib, although he doesn't like sleeping in there. He already even had the flu! Poor baby! He's doing a lot better now though. I swear I don't take him outside in the cold and cough on him. He still got sick though. At least he is gaining lots of weight. About 9 pounds now. He thinks my milk is delicous!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby's First Bath

Poor baby Pona, he was born at 1:53 pm, but we had so many visitors and we wanted to hold him and keep him with us so much, we just kept forgetting to take him to receive his first bath. So finally, near midnight, we took him into the nursery for his bath.

This is him before his bath, note the dried milk around his mouth

Notice how much he enjoys his head under the faucet

Little Ninja Pona right after

So Fresh and So Clean

A quick inspection, listen to those pipes

Baby Pona getting checked out by the respiratory specialist, just moments after his travels through the vaginal canal!

So at around 6pm Thursday night, Heidi and I were enjoying a lovely evening of college football, when she began having contractions. They were pretty consistent, so around 11pm, lots of discharge and the mucus plug came out so we decided to come to the hospital. at midnight, she was dilated at 3cm, then by 2am, she was at 5cm, then by 6am, she was at 7cm, and now it's 9:30am and she is a solid 9 cm. luckily Heidi opted for the epidural, so it's been a stress-free somewhat pleasant night, and now we're just waiting for Dr. Judd to come and brake the water and get this show on the road!